Dr. McNeely's life was characterized by his many notable achievements, starting with his academic honors in the late 1940's, he developed the first practical chromatographic method for separation and analysis of trace amounts of colorless sugars. He directed the extended research in xanthan gum, which resulted in the first biogum approved as a food additive stabilizer. Dr. McNeely developed the first water-based dispersant which was ultimately utilized on the Santa Barbara spill in 1969. Dr. McNeely published many leading edge technical articles on various scientific matters and held over 30 scientific patents. Dr. McNeely was a careful environmentalist and his interests included philosophy and theology and was an active member of the Foothills United Methodist Church.

Dr. McNeely Bio

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Some of Dr. McNeely Xanthan Gum Patents 
These patents could be owned by Kelco ( a division of Merck)

Patent # 3232929 Xanthan Gum

Patent # 3391060 Xanthan Gum

Patent # 3433708 Xantham Gum

Patent # 3960832 Xanthan Gum


Rita McNeely
There is an old saying, no matter how good a product you have, "It still has to be sold!"  Gold Crew's success was truly a family affair. While Dr. McNeely may have been the brains of the product, his wife Rita was it's soul.Rita travelled the world to make business contacts, to attend symposiums and trade shows, and to meet with oil industry executives. She was critical into the marketing success in getting this new venture off the ground. It was not long that her efforts produced a world wide network and Gold Crew became a standard to which many dispersant's were tested. RIta was an actice member in working with the Catholic Foundations serving San Diego.