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Gold Crew Release and has the ability to desorb and or solubilize the hydrocarbon in the substrate.  When applied through injection wells, Gold Crew desorbs the contaminant by stripping the hydrocarbon off the soil particles and activates it to the pore space creating a large interfacial surface area.  This action allows a mass removal through a High Vacuum Extraction (HVE) system.




For Enhanced LNAPL Recovery

·    Use as a High Intensity Treatment (HIT) for high mass removal, low volume extraction in the vadose/smear zone for sorbed and free phase hydrocarbons. Maximizes levels of product recovery while minimizing total recovered liquid volumes. Does not contain hazardous organic solvents. Typically apply at a dosage of 4% solution (v/v) diluted with high quality fresh water. Benefits the natural bio-remediation process in post-removal stage.





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