FM 186-2 is our spill cleanup program designed for the Retail Gasoline Operators (RGO's) to address the small drips and spills from public refueling of their vehicle's.
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*Petroleum waste is a presumptive hazardous waste and the users/generators are responsible for proper waste characterization and disposal. Regulations establish that prior knowledge of the waste and the treatment process in which it was generated can be applied in determining a waste's classification. The FM 186 program is an immediate response spill treatment procedure that can be applied as part of prior knowledge in which the waste was generated. Federal and state regulations state that generators shall determine their waste classification and dispose of it correctly. Nothing herein is to be taken as approvals that all spill materials would be rendered non-hazardous 

Safer - Suppresses VOC Vapors and Benzene

Cleaner - To the Maximum Extent Practical (MEP)

Cost Effective – Can reduce hazardous waste costs and long term liability







Reduces Stormwater rainbowing.